Washington City Paper Covers DC Advocates’ Petition to Protect Artists

Writing for the City Paper June 14, 2010 Maura Judkis highlighted the DC Advocates for the Arts efforts to protect the work of artists in the District of Columbia. An excerpt: “If a gallery goes bankrupt — as businesses are wont to do in these recessionary times — creditors can seize it and all of its assets within under current D.C. law. That includes the work the artists have entrusted the gallery to sell. And while that scenario has not yet occurred in the District, one group is working to ensure it never will. [DCAA Chair] Bettmann is circulating a petition that addresses the issue of consignment — which is the type of contract artists and collectors sign when they give their work to galleries to be sold — that will give the lending party recourse if the work is seized by creditors. ‘This petition is progressive — it doesnt just address ownership, and how an artist would deal with [bankruptcy] after the fact,’ says Bettmann. ‘Artists should be able to recoup their court costs if a gallery goes bankrupt and they need to sue the creditors. Unless we have in there that lawyers can recoup court costs, artists will have an impossible time getting lawyers to bring suit. For collectors, it is important that their investments are protected, as well.'” Click here to read the whole piece.


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