Council-member Michael Brown Statement on Bill B18-451 Hearing

Statement released by At-large Council-member Michael Brown on September 23rd, 2010 following the Hearing on Bill B18-451: “A year after its introduction by Council-member Mary Cheh, the ‘Artist Protection Act of 2009’ received a hearing in the Committee on Public Services and Consumer Affairs today. The bill seeks to protect artists by establishing a legal relationship between an artist and an art dealer who accepts a work of art on consignment. Additionally, the bill also defines artwork offered on consignment as trust property held in trust by the dealer, exempts art work held as trust property from the security interests of an art dealers creditors, and requires a contract before art is accepted by an art dealer on consignment. As a result of the hearing, amendments may be offered to further clarify the intent of the bill, including adding language to expressly provide that the art dealer must compensate the artist for loss of or damage to a consigned work of art. Additionally, the Committee may wish to extend the protections to the estates of artists. Council-member Michael A. Brown is enthusiastically supportive of this legislation protecting the DC arts community and we are hopeful that the legislation will be voted affirmatively out of the Committee very soon and come to the full Council for a vote before the end of the year.”


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