About Us

The DC Advocates for the Arts support development of public policy for a creative, healthy, sustainable, and economically viable District of Columbia through research, participation in public policy/arts policy discussions, and provision of informational resources for stakeholders and policy-makers. Since 2001, we are a trusted source for data and analysis about local arts policy. We provide access and training to arts policy tools, coordinate informational networks across issue areas, and facilitate public participation in arts advocacy.


The DC Advocates for the Arts are a federally recognized not-for-profit incorporated in the District of Columbia. All contributions are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by the law. You can use the form below to donate now to support our mission.



The Board of the DC Advocates for the Arts includes:


Robert Bettmann
Kelli Shewmaker
Elizabeth Webster
Ed Lazere
Joshua Lopez
Ethelbert Miller
Doug Mann
Wanda Aikens
Michael Wilkerson
Ava Spece
Marina Strznewski
Nelson Jacobsen